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Hold'em Manager 2 award winning poker software increases win-rates while providing players the fundamental edge needed to move up in limits.

Whether you are a recreational micro-stakes player or a high-stakes pro, HM2 is the gold standard for poker tracking and analysis software on the market today.

Building on HM1’s innovative foundation, HM2 takes HM1’s feature set and nearly doubles it dramatically improving poker software functionality.

Feature rich graphical user interface compliments HM2’s innovations taking poker software analysis to a completely new level.

No matter what your poker software experience level is, HM2 provides real-time data allowing quick profitable decisions at the tables.

Profitably analyzing your game away from the table is just as important; capitalize by using over 1,000 metrics enhancing your game while crushing the competitions.

Groundbreaking new features include Note Caddy, HM Sync, HUD Charts and Poker Widgets are a fraction of the new innovative tools offered throughout HM2.

HM2 is the only poker software tool seamlessly integrating third party programs such as: SNG Wizard, Table Ninja, Table Scanner, Leak Buster and Tilt Breaker.

Take your poker game to the next level and download HM2 today!

Invaluable tool in maintaining my edges in the biggest cash games in the world.